Ministry Structure

Rev & Pastor, assisting in all aspects of the administrative management of the ministries.

Rev Kwabena Poku Nantwi

He is a teacher in the Word of God, he served under a ministry at Brixton for 27years, where he was part of the eldership and who had a passion for Homeless feeding, He was the head of the Homeless Department. He later moves his ministry forward and now one of the conveners of King of Salem Int’l and Total Freedom Centre where he now pastors and teaches every Sunday. TFCC is the Sister outfit of King of Salem Int’l Ministries.

Rev Kehinde Nantwi

She is a woman who has a genuine passion for souls, she also served in a ministry in Brixton for 25years, and she was the head of the evangelism department for almost two decades. Her ministry moved forward from the church and now with the same passion, she was led by the Holy Spirit to be part of the convener of King of Salem Int’l and the Total Freedom Christian Centre.

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