The mission of the Ministry

To make disciples and train those who are oppressed and depressed with the undiluted words of God.

To constantly, intercede in prayer for Widows, Orphans, Homeless, Prostitutes, Homosexuals, transgender, singles parents, mentally challenged, kidnappers, gun crimes, children, drug addicts, alcoholics, etc., until Christ is revealed in them.

We financially support Orphanages in different nations for the last 3 years,

twice a year, in April/May and in September/Nov.

We also send money to buy new Bibles for the harvest of souls in some northern Churches in Nigeria, quarterly.

Furthermore, In the UK, we presently support our community by feeding the homeless with Hot Jollof rice, Chicken, vegetables, tea, coffee, and assorted biscuits, and also use the opportunity to witness about Christ to them.  We also use this opportunity to listen to their challenges and give words of encouragement.  We do this every second Saturday of every month and we hope to increase the days of the outreach in the future.

“Journey for Life” & “Together for Life”

“Journey for Life” is for single men and women who are looking for life-long kingdom partners.

“Together for Life” is for Widows and Widowers who are also looking

for kingdom life-long partners. These two ministries were given birth by King of Salem Int’l during the cause of our intercession. We believe that God will make it possible for them to meet their partners.

What the Ministry do

Primary things we do as a ministry are as follows:

  • Kingdom Bible donations to Africa Nations
  • Helping Orphans financially, twice yearly
  • Forwarding some used clothes to Africa
  • Our future project is to supply water by getting a borehole for a village called J4, between Ogun State and Ondo State, Nigeria.
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