Street Evangelism

Every last Saturday of the month, we go to any stations directed by the HolySpirit. Time:12noon-3.00pm. We intend to include the first Saturday of the month very soon, making two Saturdays in a month.

Homeless & Refugee Feeding
Every 2nd Saturday of the month, time 4.00 pm,
Presently at High Croydon, directly opposite Croydon Primark Store.
In the future, we are looking to include a Friday evening for the homeless & refugee community support.

Orphanage Contributions in Nigeria & GHANA
Twice Every year: July & November.
In addition, very soon we shall be including Cameron orphanage and later add some other African nations.

Bible Contributions to Northern Nigeria
Every April & October of the year.
In the future, we shall be distributing some new Bibles to other nations.

Many thx my dear brother and God bless.

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