Help Support the victims and families of mass shootings in Anglophone Cameroon

The war in Cameroon has resulted in the displacement of 1,00,1,279 persons. From 2016 to date thousands have been murdered, over 207 villages and whole communities burnt to ashes and 60,000 have fled as refugees to the borders of Nigeria. Agape Self Sufficiency ( ASSUF) was founded in 2018 in response to the anglophone crisis in Cameroon to relief poverty by supporting deprived refugees and internally displaced persons to gain financial independence, through skills training and business setups and

create a positive loving environment in which the abandoned and neglected children are supported.

What have we achieved so far?

In 2018, we raised a total of £11,311.29 excluding volunteer time and expert support.

Supported over 800 refugees with interventions in health, education and trade

Provided trauma and counselling workshops to 300 refugees

Funded and supported 100 small scale businesses

Donated 450 bibles for distribution

In 2019 we raised a total of £9,635 excluding volunteer time and expert support.

Sensitized a total of about 3,000 persons for Self-sufficiency Free Medical Outreach Project

Conducted free medical consultations, eye care, dental services, deworming program, free drugs

Treated 1335 patients, 812 females and 523 males

Distributed 250 mosquito nets and 85 bibles d

Supported 28 internally displaced women prostituting for survival.

2020/21 Orphanage project

Many parents have been killed during this crisis leaving many children as orphans without access to basic support. Some are on the streets eating from dustbins, others have become sex workers at very young ages to survive. We have secured a partnership with a convent in Cameroon to identify some of these desperate children for support.

We need to raise funds to pay for accommodation, education and health care. Please help.

Examples of letters received from Cameroonian Refugees requesting support below

Hi. My name is Siri. I ran away from Cameroon due to the crises we are facing back home. I abandoned my provision store and my home to get myself and my children to safety. Right now I am incapable of taking care of my 3 kids. I am pleading with you to help me start up a store again since that is what I am best at so that I can take care of my kids.

The market is really far from where I am staying. For example, I wanted to buy batteries to put in my tosh lamp since the light here is not constant, there were no batteries in any of the stores around. And it was nightfall and I could not go to the long-distance market, so I slept with the children in darkness. This is just one of the many things we can’t easily find around us.

And again ma, as I’m talking to you feeding the children now is my biggest problem. So that is my I really need to be doing something which can put food on our table regularly.


Permit me to relate to you some problems the refugees are having now. The children in our own camp who number about 150, like other S Cameroonian refugee children have not been in School since 2016. They feel that your efforts can make them go to school again. We volunteer to teach them informally, but our efforts do not end up with any certification. They will appreciate it greatly if you and your friends could support them with school bags, writing and study materials, and cost of uniforms and food. Your open hands will be richly blessed by God

May the good Lord replenish the purse from where the monies are coming from a thousandfold

Refugees appeal for support

We have already received more than 100 applications for funding, but we hope to start with the first 30 covering the areas of transportation, solar power mobile charge/internet and market trading and retraining assistance. The first phase of the project which is due to commence once we have the funds is estimated to cost around 10,000 pounds. Below are examples of some of the areas to be funded.

9 motorbikes for transportation which cost 400 pounds each = 3600 pounds

Training in tailoring costing 50 pounds

Hairdressing salon start-up costs for 10 applicants totalling 150 pounds each = 1500 pounds

Market trading which includes selling raw and cooked food, setting up callbox and charging of phones etc. costing an average 150 pounds each

It is our goal to raise 20,000 pounds to provide grants and training to these refugees.

How you can help?

Please donate whatever you can to support these victims. We will make every penny count. We have already received some donations to assist around 20 refugees. With your help, we can reach our goal to support all 100 applicants and impact the lives of so many!


We urgently need your support to change the lives of these abandoned victims of war. Please make a monthly or one-off donation today.

£ 100 will support a widow to start a small business

£250 will support a sex worker to start a new business

£200 will support an orphan’s schooling and food for one year

£300 will support an orphan’s accommodation and health needs for one year

£400 will buy a laptop to train refugees in ICT

Please select the category you would like to support above.

For donation please use Agape Self Sufficiency account details below or the donate button for other options.

Name: Agape Self Sufficiency

Sort code: 309626

Account number: 78882360


IBAN: GB69 LOYD 3096  2678 8823 60


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